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When you choose to book an event DJ from Music Magic Moments, you can be sure that you will have a DJ who can take care of it all. Our DJs are professionals with professional equipment to make sure the sound of your event is just right. Plus, each one of our special event DJs are experts in knowing just how to keep a party going while making sure that you get the experience you want for your event. We offer lots of options, playlists, and plans to meet the specific needs for your event. So whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, we have you covered.


Event Lighting is the most affordable way to completely change the atmosphere of any room.

Simply choosing the right event lighting to fit your desired theme and ambiance can change the entire feel of any space. This incredibly underestimated part of any event is capable of transforming an event space into something truly unique.

·         Uplighting shines light upward, offering a beautiful glow against walls. This is perfect for enhancing the architecture of a space or to warm up a dark space.

·         GOBO lighting is a custom option that allows a monogram, wedding date, or another cut-out image to be shown in a space. These are used on dance floors, walls, even the ceiling of your event. They are truly a unique lighting option that can a lot of detail.


High Quality HD Projection System. We can display images, slideshows or videos for you and your guest on your special day.


Our Audio Services gives you a dedicated sound engineer to ensure all your guests will be able to hear every word an or event. We provide PA systems, Microphones, Speakers, Subs to cover sound throughout your event space. This service come with a free space analysis to make sure no one will miss out. 


Event photography requires a special type of photographer. Our expert special event photographers are able to provide you with the perfect images that tell your story. We want to capture images of your special day in beautiful color and timeless black and white. 

·         Weddings are always special. Celebrating the love between two people is a beautiful privilege that we take very seriously. We are here to help make sure that your wedding photography tells the perfect story of you and the people you love.

·         Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or if you just want to have the birthday bash of the season, we want to be there to capture it all! Our special event photographers make sure that they are in the right place to capture the best moments at any birthday celebration.

·         Corporate events The right special event photographer can become a marketing partner. Taking photos at a corporate event can really showcase the best side of your business and create marketing photos that allow your clients to see that, too.


our videographers capture your unique stories in stunning cinematic HD video. Our event videographers take pride in their artistic storytelling skills and ability to capture the emotion of once-in-a-lifetime moments you’ll be able to cherish forever.

Photo booth

A photo booth rental sends everyone home with unique and special memories.

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