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5 Tips to Keep Your Wedding Guests On Their Feet

1. Hire a Great Band or DJ

Music Entertainment can make or break a party. It is recommended that you look for a high energy performer who doesn't have an annoying personality to MC your wedding reception. Seamless song transitions and the ability to read the crowd when they want to hear more of the same sound or a desire to switch to a different sound is where a DJ's talent also comes into play.

2. Ask for Song Requests

To ensure everyone is having a great time and dancing the night away, have your guests request a song via the invitation response. That way, if the dance floor starts to thin out, the DJ can play songs off of the request list. This pretty much guarantees that the person who requested the song will get up and dance and encourage others to do so as well.

3. Feed Them

From a five course meal to punch and cake, wedding meals are the fuel that keeps your guest on the dance floor. Sticking to your schedule and making sure dinner is served on time won't force guest to have to leave right after they eat, due to dinner being served later than expected.

4. Provide Relief for Sore Feet

Providing socks or flip-flops for your guests is a great way to ensure their comfort, especially if you have a number of ladies who will be wearing heels on a wood dance floor.

5. Keep The Drinks Flowing

An open bar can help fill the dance floor. Sometimes it takes some magic juice to get the limbs feeling loose and the self-conscious attitude thrown out the back door.

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